RFI 15dBi 700-850MHz YB815 Yagi Directional Antenna

SKU: YW15-6989

Key Features

  • Covers both Telstra Next-G and 4GX
  • Fully welded construction for maximum performance and reliability
  • Narrow beamwidth & high front to back ratios effective in reducing interference
  • Can be configured in stacks or bays for higher gain applications
  • Short low loss cable tail with N-female connector
  • Australian manufactured and warrantied.


  • 15dBi Yagi are ideal antennas for a diverse range of environments
  • The 700-850MHz RFI 15dBi Yagi is suitable for rural customers seeking a low cost method of connecting to the new Telstra 4GX 700MHz network at a long range, without going to the cost of installing a large panel antenna
  • This antenna also has fantastic performance on the Telstra Next-G network, and is a good choice for pairing with the Telstra Smart Repeater Pro
  • It’s important to note that 4G speeds will be slower through this antenna than using a MIMO antenna (approximately half the speed of a MIMO connection)

This antenna will not permit Carrier Aggregation – if this is important to you, we would encourage you to look at the following two antennas:

  • Telco XPOL700-2700 Mid-Gain Panel
  • Telco XPOL700-900 High-Gain Panel

Additional Information

  • Yagi covers both Telstra Next-G (850MHz), and Telstra 4GX (700MHz)
  • RFI was challenged to design a high gain antenna to cover both Telstra Next-G (850MHz), and Telstra 4GX (700MHz)
  • Naturally, Yagi antennas can only be tuned for one particular band (i.e. either 700 or 850MHz), however by compromising on VSWR and accepting a lower electrical efficiency, the antenna bandwidth is widened to the full 698-890MHz required to operate on both bands
  • This clever design is a credit to RFI’s brilliant engineers.
15dBi RFI Yagi Antenna
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