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Australia’s First-Class Press-To-Talk-Over-Cellular service was created for enterprise and government solutions.

PoC2Way is powered by RapidPTT® & IRP® technology.

PoC Connection Service

  • We provide access to Australia’s First-Class Press-To-Talk-Over-Cellular service designed for enterprise and government solutions with world-leading Android terminals and backed up by 24/7 client support.
  • PoC2Way is Australian owned powered by Australian built RapidPTT® & IRP® technology.
  • World’s fastest PoC service.
  • Over the air programing.
  • Dispatcher software for PC
  • GPS Tracking of terminals
  • Unlimited private encrypted channels.
  • Geo-fencing and much more


  • Airtime/Server access – $22 per device per calendar month.
  • Telstra data only SIM Cards – $6.60 per SIM per calendar month (600MB per device), data is shared within a company pool. Devices use approx. 300MB each per month if used heavily.


  • Airtime and SIMs are billed per calendar month in advance.
  • The customer agrees to pay for the services provided upon signing an agreement. The customer accepts the minimum access term for each connected service on this agreement is 1 Month. The billing period for service commences on the start date listed on the agreement.
  • Airtime/Server access may be paused or canceled anytime as no lock-in contract applies.
  • Sim Cards provided by PoC2Way/Buya2way cannot be paused and will continue to be billed if Airtime/Server access is paused.
  • Requests to pause a PoC2Way service must be received by email (pocradio@essentialcomms.net.au) before the end of a current month and will be paused at the beginning of the following month.
  • Re-connections will be re-connected immediately upon request and service costs will be billed pro rata for the remainder of the month.
  • Cancellation of service must be received must be received by email (pocradio@essentialcomms.net.au) before the end of the current month. Service will cease on the first day of the following month.
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