Yatala Roadworks Telstra 5G

This particular installation was for an existing Civil Engineering client in QLD that, even though this site was on the outskirts of a major city, still had communications issues that Essential Communications Services needed to fix.

Due to their make-up, portable office spaces are a basic Faraday Cage in that they are plain steel boxes on stilts or slabs. This means that the signal just doesn’t go through.

With this site, as they were on the major traffic corridor between the Gold Coast & Brisbane QLD Telstra 5G services were available, with a little tweeking.

A Panorama Antennas Ltd 4×4 4GX/5G MiMo antenna was mounted atop a Telco Antennas 3m Galvanized Serviceable Mast. As there was also an issue with mobile telephone signal coverage, an RFI Antennas 12dBi 3G/4G/4GX LPDA Antenna was mounted to the same serviceable mast.

 Five (5) Inline Phaseblockers were attached to the Panorama and RFI antenna leads and then five lengths of 10m LCU400 Coaxial Cable (N Male to SMA Male) were used to bring the signal through underneath the site office to five 3m LCU195 Coaxial Cable (SMA Female to SMA Male).

These cables were then connected to a Peplink BR1Pro 5G router, which led to impressive speed test results of 308 down and 59.9 up, and a Nextivity Cel-Fi GO Mobile Router and RFI Omni-directional DAS to distribute the mobile phone signal.

As with most of these sites the, whilst your here factor, came in to play. Once we’d finished installing and commissioning the Mobile Broadband and Mobile Voice connections, we were requested to install and set up their video conferencing systems as well as cabling the entire site with new outdoor shielded ethernet cable. Once completed, the 70 staff were able to stop using their personal mobile devices as hot-spots and connect into the network utilizing the Peplink BR1 Pro 5G speeds.

All in all another perfect result for the client and Essential Communications Services.

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