Plenty Valley Starlink

Essential Communications Services are often called upon to complete very challenging installations on the steepest of roofs. This Starlink installation challenged even us with how steep the angle of roof was that we needed to scale in order to install Dishy with the best view to the southern sky.

Our technicians are fully licenced & accredited & have the specialized climbing & rope skills and experience to accomplish these kinds of very difficult installs. This install meant that we had to put together a full safety plan & set up roof harness points in a couple of places on this roof for the safety of our technicians. It’s steepness was at approximately 65 degrees.

After the techs had all their safety gear in place, they then spent the next couple of hours getting the mast in place, braced and all penetrations through the slate tile roof waterproofed.

With the new Gen 2 Starlink dish, the cabling has to lead from the modem up through to the dish. Because of this change from the Gen 1 type, in which cabling went from the dish to the modem, we then started the mission to get the cables up through the internal walls of the 2 story premises to the roof. This was challenging as the premises is a new build with full insulation within the walls.


Once we had the cabling up to the dish, utilising the supplied Tile Roof – Starlink Mount Roof Kit for Dishy – Rectangle that was supplied by Spacetek, (one of our great Starlink mounting and bracket suppliers) we were then able to connect it all together, then stand back and watch as Dishy looked to the sky and complete it’s connection to the LEO satellites.

If you have a steep & or challenging installation that needs to be done properly & safely the 1st time then get in touch with the team from Essential Communications Services, we are fully licenced, insured & accredited, including for ropes & harness work on steep & high installations.

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