Western Distributor (SYD) 5G Mobile Broadband

The Essential Communications team gets to see some very remote places in our travels. We also sometimes end up in the middle of a city. This particular site only needed 5G data communications so we were called in to deliver.

Even though it was in the middle of Sydney, the site was overshadowed by bridges and other signal-blocking infrastructure. Due to this, as well as not being able to mount to the roof of the demountable building, we supplied and installed a 5m serviceable galvanised mast that we mounted on a temporary concrete pad and tied into the side of the building with 50mm clamps. This gave us the necessary height to access and retrieve the signal needed to provide Telstra 5G services.

Atop the 5m mast, we installed a Panorama 4×4 MiMo Panel Antenna, and 4 x Inline Phaseblockers and ran 4 x 10m LCU400 Coaxial Cable down and underneath the floor to an existing penetration, up to a Peplink BR1 Pro 5G Modem.

Prior to us installing this equipment, the staff had been hot-spotting from their mobile phones for their internet data. Obviously, this was not a long-term solution, as every time they received or had to make a call, their internet went.

Once we had everything installed the speed of the internet went from basically unusable to 411Mbps down, 182Mbps up.

This was unbelievably quick and made the project teams work that much easier. They were able to connect with the head office via their dedicated VPN without issues and were extremely happy with the result.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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