Melbourne Airport Upgrade – Telstra 5G

With so much construction happening here in Victoria, there are inevitable moves within each construction site that mean site offices either expand or shift locations. This is one of our previous installations that has expanded to fit more staff as the project has become more complex.

This site has grown from a single-story donger to a double-story office with conference rooms and a staff lounge. Due to the bulk of the staff moving into the new office space, the existing antenna needed to be shifted from the roof of the original building up to the second-story roof of the new office block. There was a straight run down the side of the building to the ground floor where the server rack was situated.

Due to this being a high-risk installation, a knuckle reach boom was employed to ensure safe access to the roof. Our lead technician, spent three days in and out of the boom lift accessing the roof of the original building to dismantle and remove the equipment and then reinstate the installation on the new two-story office block. The only equipment that had to be changed was the LCU400 Coaxial Cables as longer lengths were required to reach the ground floor server room.

The Panorama 4×4 MiMo antenna, phase-blockers, 4 x LCU400 Coaxial Cables as well as 4 x LCU195 Coaxial Cables were reinstalled successfully to the client’s existing Peplink BR1 Pro 5G router. We also reinstalled the LCU195 Coaxial Cable for the GPS within the Peplink.

Due to the office being a double story block, we also installed two Cambium Networks XV3-8X Tri-Radio WiFi 6 Access Points for the WiFi within the second story offices. These are very powerful Enterprise Grade Software Defined WiFi access points that are designed for high density areas. These units will comfortably handle 300 consecutive connections at the same time.

The main project lead engineer was extremely happy with the installation. His team is able to complete their daily workload with a minimum of delay.

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