Castlemaine District Mobile Voice & broadband

When a Global Pandemic hits and everyone starts working from home and home only has very limited Telstra mobile voice and broadband coverage, you call in the experts Essential Communications Services.

At this home, our client had very limited mobile voice coverage within the house and absolutely no service at all for mobile broadband. This situation makes it just about impossible to run a successful business when you cannot communicate with the outside world.

To ensure reliable, stable mobile broadband internet and mobile voice Essential Communications Services needed to mount a 5 metre galvanized roof mounted mast to the carport roof. As this mast can act like a large sail, especially in high winds, we secured it in place using heavy duty slotted channel (unistrut) with locking bolts.

Atop the 5m mast we have installed a Telco XPOL MIMO 3G+4G+4GX Panel Antenna – 700-2700 MHz and an RFI Wideband 8-12dBi 3G+4G+4GX LPDA Antenna – 700-3800MHz. Due to the distance to the best tower, LDF4-50A co-axial cabling was required to keep as much signal going to both the Nextivity Cel-fi (for mobile voice coverage) connected to the Telstra Mobile Voice network and the Telco X1 Pro Modem Router (for mobile broadband service) connected to the Optus Mobile Broadband network.

The Nextivity Cel-fi Go and the Telco X1 Pro Modem Router were installed in the home office at one end of the house.

The Mobile Voice signal was distributed throughout the house via an RFI DAS Omnidirectional PIM Rated Ceiling Antenna – 700-2700MHz.

As WiFi was also required, Essential Communications Services supplied a Cambium cnPilot E410 WiFi Access Point in the office, as this could be wired in, and a Cambium cnPilot E430H Access Point at the opposite end of the house. The E430H was meshed into the network as it was impossible to get ethernet cabling to the point where the unit was to be mounted.

As ever, we are grateful to our wonderful suppliers Telco Antennas and City Technology for the supply of this equipment.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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