Regional NSW Telstra Mobile Voice & Data Network

3G/4GX Mobile Voice, 4GX Mobile Broadband Data & UHF CB Installation

Based on our industry reputation in the communications & telecommunications scene & the huge amount amount of successful regional Mobile Voice, Data, Telemetry & Satellite communications & telecommunications infrastructure networks that Essential Communications Services have delivered in the past on time & on budget, one of our large corporate clients, again tasked us with delivering another very challenging Telstra Mobile Voice, Data & UHF network for a site in Regional NSW for them.

We originally visited the site 3 months prior to the installation to completely scope out the project for our client & draw up a full communications & telecommunications proposal & plan to have delivered to site, build on site, commission & deliver a fully working & functional regional Telstra Mobile Voice, Data & UHF infrastructure project.

In consultation with our incredible supplier Telco Antennas we utilized their 10M Hinged Mast. What an incredible & easy to use mast. With the weight of the mast in mind we hired a Franna crane to lift it into place.

Once in place we simply unhinged it and dropped it down and built it. Once finished we simply used a rope connected to it to pull it back down & lock it into place.

Atop of the mast sits:

A Telco Antennas Telco T1 – CAT6 In/Outdoor Pole PoE Modem Router with WiFi – 3G/4G/4GX/4G+ talking to a base located in a very challenging area to say the very least. This is cabled down to a firewall, then into a managed switch to distribute the mobile broadband to over 50 users. Check out the speed test on completion.

Connected to the above router is a Telco Antennas Telco XPOL MIMO 3G+4GX High Gain Panel Antenna – 700-900 MHz, as only B28 700Mhz was available on this very regional, extremely challenging base station.

An RFI Technology Solutions RFI Next-G+4GX 15dBi Yagi Antenna – 700-850MHz.

Connected to the above antenna via 30M’s of Andrews LDF450 is a RFI Technology Solutions @Nextivity Cel-Fi Go Stationary connected to a RFI Technology Solutions RFI Low PIM DAS Omnidirectional Ceiling Antenna – 698-960MHz & 1710-6000Mhz

RFI Technologies Low PIM DAS Omnidirectional Ceiling Antenna – 698-960MHz & 1710-6000Mhz

Also on the base station is a  ZCG Scalar 12dBi 477MHz UHF Base Station Antenna connected back to a motorola UHF base station via 30M’s of Andrews LDF450 for secure Apco 25 encrypted voice & data communications.

Between Telco Antennas & Essential Communications Services, 3 Months of planning went into this project to ensure that it was the perfect Communications & Telecommunications infrastructure for our client & would deliver precisely what our client wanted & needed going forward.

Thanks Telco Antennas & RFI Technology Solutions for supplying such superior Communications & Telecommunications infrastructure making this very challenging Telstra mobile voice, data & UHF secure voice & data Communications Infrastructure project even possible.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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