North West Sydney 4GX-5G Mobile Broadband

We are often called upon to complete works for other installation companies that do not have a presence in areas that we service. This was one such installation.

As with a lot of our installs, this one was on the roof of a large factory unit that was only reachable via boom lift. Luckily, our incredible supplier Allcott Hire was able to source a machine for us locally that arrived within the day.

Once we had the boom lift on site, we set up our safety zone and then proceeded to start with the installation. The equipment used was a 3m Serviceable Mast, an RFI 3G/4G/5G Antenna – 698-3800Mhz, 2 x LCU400 Coaxial Cables and 2 x LCU195 Coaxial Cables down to the client’s existing Teltonika RUT240 Modem.

Due to the fact that this was a solid concrete building, also had to hire a Hilty Drill to be able to bore through the concrete wall to the inside of the building. Once inside it was a fairly simple run through the ceiling space to the IT room, where we were able to drop the cabling through to meet up with the existing Teltonika Router. Once attached to the router we ran a speedtest with great results for the client.

Thanks again to our wonderful supplier Telco Antennas for both the equipment and the installation.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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