Southern NSW Telstra Mobile Voice

Another Cel-Fi by Nextivity in building mobile voice infrastructure installation that we have supplied, installed and commissioned for a client in southern NSW. This is a large building with an extremely spacious lower floor office area that needed coverage throughout this floor.

The installation consisted of three Telco 3G+4G+4GX Antenna – 700-2700MHz Omnidirectional Antennas . The three antennas were mounted on two heavy duty serviceable (hinged) 3M gal masts, connected to three Phaseblocker N Male to Female Lightning Arrestor – up to 6GHz and cabled down via LDF4-50A Coaxial Cable – N Male to N Male to three Cel-Fi Go by Nextivity units. We used a Heavy Duty Galvanised Mast Head – Y Bracket to mount two of these antennas to one mast with the third antenna on its’ own mast.

The cables running from the antenna’s to the Cel-Fi Go units were all over 50 metres in length so Andrew’s Heliax LDF4-50A Co-axial Cable was used. We punched through the Kliplock roofing to the internal cable conduit and then ran the cabling through the ceiling space.

Due to the ceiling space being a finished plaster, rather than the usual ceiling panels, as shown with the RFI DAS Ceiling antennas, it was necessary to have ceiling hatches installed in the foyer area so that we could pull the LDF4-50A cable through.

As this was a large office space and the client needed coverage all across the floor we installed three Signal Splitter 2-Way – N Female and 6 x RFI Technology Solutions Low PIM DAS Omni directional Ceiling Antenna – 698-960MHz & 1710-6000Mhz.

The cables that ran from where the Cel-fi Go units were installed to the splitters and then onto the RFI Technology Solutions Low PIM DAS Omnidirectional Ceiling Antennas were a mixture of both LCU400 and LDF4-50A cables. Some of the cable runs to bring the signal through to the DAS units were over 55 metres in length.

We were able to bring about full Telstra 4G VoLTE Mobile Voice coverage throughout the office space as well as into certain areas of the foyer of the building. This was an outstanding outcome for the client.

All the communications & telecommunications infrastructure for this installation was supplied by our ever wonderful suppliers Telco Antennas.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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