Gold Coast Roadworks #2 – Telstra 5G

At Essential Communications Services based on our outstanding industry reputation, licences, insurance, experience & accreditations we often get called upon to do HUGE communications & telecommunications infrastructure work, this job over all was no different.

We often have a situation where we go in one direction for one job and end up spending weeks in the area as a second, then a third job and sometimes a fourth job comes up. Fortunately, this wasn’t one of those.

This site is the “other end” of the M1 upgrade on the Gold Coast, so when we were there fixing the first site, we stayed and fixed the second as well.

As usual the site had no comms & so Essential Communications Services were called in to deliver the urgently needed & essential communications & telecommunications networks to enable this massive project to happen.

Luckly Telstra 5G services were available for this site so we were able to utilize the incredible Panorama Antennas Ltd Antennas 4×4 MiMo Panel antenna attached to a galvanised 3m serviceable mast with 4 x Inline Phaseblockers leading to 4 x 10m LCU400 Coaxial Cables N Male to SMA Male.

These then entered the portable office space through the floor and attached via 4 x 3m LCU195 Coaxial Cables SMA Female to SMA Male to the client’s existing Cradlepoint W2000 router.

The mast, phaseblockers, cables & Panorama Antennas Ltd were all supplied by our incredible communications & telecommunications supplier & partner Telco Antennas who supply the very best most professional communications & telecommunications infrastructure in Australia by a very long shot & are highly recommended.


Having the modem now attached and drawing signal from a dedicated Panorama Antennas Ltd Panel antenna resulted in a major increase in data speed, going from 21.4 down; 19.8 up to 312 down; 50.6 up.

The office staff, engineers and construction staff at this site certainly appreciated the speed increase & the PM ( Project Manager ) love the neat professional installation done by Essential Communications Services.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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