South Coast NSW Telstra Mobile Voice & Data

With our experience in the industry, we are often called upon to enable portable communication services in between towns.

This installation was for an existing client, a Civil Engineering firm, that completes a great deal of road and other infrastructure for numerous State Governments.

As this was to be a “walking site office”, i.e. it moves along with the construction, the infrastructure had to be both rugged, to take the knocks of movement, and easy to fold down for when the site office needed to be loaded and moved.

The infrastructure is secured to a 3m galvanized mast that is secured to the roof of the portable site office via a tin roof bracket. On this mast is a Telco XPOL 700-2700 3G+4G+4GX Panel antenna that is cabled down to a Teltonika RUT950 Modem/Router as at the time of this installation the Telco T1 and Telco X1 were not available.

The 15dBi Yagi Antenna is cabled to a Cel-Fi Go by Nextivity with the signal being broadcast by a RFI Technology Solutions Low PIM DAS Omni directional Ceiling Antenna – 698-960MHz & 1710-6000Mhz.

This infrastructure gave the construction staff the ability to communicate with their head office in Brisbane instantaneously as well as being able to contact the teams out at the construction sites.

All the communications & telecommunications infrastructure for this installation was supplied by our ever wonderful suppliers Telco Antennas.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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