Sapphire Coast Starlink & Mobile Voice

When you live on the beautiful Sapphire Coast of NSW, but you still have to work, you need decent internet and mobile voice coverage.

An existing client came to us late 2021 and asked us to help him with bettering his internet speed and quality as he was having major difficulties uploading large files to his clientelle.

The team at Essential Communications arranged a high speed Starlink internet broadband installation and an upgrade to his existing mobile voice coverage.

The client had recently been renovating and extending his home office which allowed a greater height above ground to be able to reach the new mobile infrastructure tower that had been commissioned. His original mobile voice infrastructure was a 2.6m parabolic mesh dish installed at the top of a 15m guyed telescopic tower, connected to a Nextivity Cel-Fi Pro.

The new mobile voice infrastructure is an RFI 12dBi LPDA antenna mounted on a 3m mast, connected to a Nextivity Cel-fi GO. A vastly different footprint from the 15m tower.

His previous internet was based on NBN satellite and at times it was unusable. Our client often had to wait until extremely late to be able to upload files to his clientelle, which would then take most of the night to upload. With the Starlink internet service, he now has better speed than is available to most city offices and uploading large files is a breeze.

The Starlink service is connected to an existing Cambium Networks E410 WiFi access point to distribute WiFi throughout the premises.

Essential Communications are able to professionally install & commission your Starlink service including integrating your existing network infrastructure if needed, when changing away from your current internet service provider.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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