Kinglake Region Starlink

We often have installations that come about through word of mouth that see us traveling to an area multiple times within a few weeks.

This installation of a new Gen2 Starlink was one such.

This was a fairly straightforward installation to a tin roof that, due to the BAL building standards was reasonably easy to work with. The complications came within the building as the area that we needed to punch through to, to access previously installed infrastructure, was sealed tightly. Ever heard of a fully sealed room that there was absolutely no access to unless you demolished a wall?

Unfortunately, this was what we faced here. However, we were still able to get Starlink up and operational for this client. Luckily there was existing multiple ethernet cables running down to the client’s media room that we were able to use as a “pull cable” to draw the Starlink cable up to the ceiling space and then through the roof.


Being that the client wanted internet in the media room this was a bonus. With that being said, the client would have preferred the Starlink router to be with all the other network infrastructure in the data cabinet, being unable to access that without demolishing part of the house, it was not an option.

The client was extremely happy with the installation and it met his overall requirements.

If you require any assistance with an installation of any kind Essential Communications Services are more than happy to help.

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