Wagga Wagga Region Data + Security Cameras

Essential Communication Services regularily work at one of the biggest transport (Road & Rail) container interchange ports in Regional & Rural NSW. This was a very exciting project & we had to bring in a 26 ton 85ft, 25.7m boom lift on the back of a Kenworth R608 low loader,

This project, for an existing client, was to design, install & commission an all singing, all dancing Video, Data & RFID network that will cover the entire 24Sq Km’s of the transport interchange container facility.

To start this entire site testing we have had to bring in some serious hardware in the form of a 87.5Ft, 25.6M 26 ton Boom lift on the back of a Kenworth R608 Tri Axle low loader.

All the equipment for this initial testing phase has been supplied by our fantastic supportive suppliers Telco Antennas, Comset, City Technology & Cambium Networks

This will allow our client to track every Truck, Train & Container into, out of & around the container facility.

This will also allow our client to always have the right size work force on hand as they will always know on what date containers are coming in & by what method & how many, & on what date & how many containers have to go out & by what method the priority of those containers & whether they are reefer’s that need power or are just general freight.

The information here will automatically push into the truck drivers electronic diaries & train engineers tablets showing what time they arrived into the facility, what time they were unloaded or loaded & if they loaded how much weight they have on board, & what time they arrived at & left the facility it is aimed to halve the turnaround time of loading & unloading both trucks and trains

The aim is to double their efficiency, decrease turnaround times, halve their workload. increase their profit & to become paperless.

The flow on effects from this project are huge for the entire NSW & Victorian Road & Rail & Shipping transport sector & Essential Communication Services are wrapped to be the main provider of this exciting new technology for our client.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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