Macedon Region Starlink

When an existing client calls and asks if you can install Starlink, your answer is always yes.

In 2021 Essential Communications Services delivered an Optus Mobile Voice & Broadband service to this client which served them well. But due to changes within the Optus network a second system is required.

To ensure that they have internet at all times we installed a Synology RT2600 bonding router into this installation so that if one internet service goes down, the other internet service “fails over” automatically for a seamless transition.

This client is a State Government employee and, since the Pandemic, is working from home three days a week. Due to their work commitments, they needed a service that was totally reliable, but due to some changes within the Optus network, their original service was sometimes fluctuating when it needed to be stable. Thus the need for a second service and a fail over system.

Essential Communications Services has set up the bonding router so that if the ping exceeds a particular number it fails over to the secondary service. If the speed drops below a certain pre-set speed it automatically fails over to the secondary service and if the first service has no connectivity at all it fails over to the secondary service. Also, if the bandwidth requirement from the client exceeds a preset measure both the Optus Mobile Broadband Service & the Starlink Internet Service will combine together to delivered the required bandwidth for the client.

Once the bandwidth requirement goes back to normal, the bonding router will automatically fall back to a single service.

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