Eastern Melbourne 4G Mobile Voice

Essential Communications Solutions, being a state government supplier, has recently handed over another commercial Telstra 3G(NextG) / 4G Mobile Voice solution for a Victorian state government client.

With modern construction, there is a certain lack of thought at times for the modern convenience of mobile phones. Steel, concrete, and double glazing are good for thermal mass, heat retention in winter, and keeping things cooler in summer but it does have a very detrimental effect mobile phone signals.

This client (A Victorian Emergency Service) has recently moved into this new building and needed to get a mobile phone signal through into their office spaces for staff and management to be able to use their office-supplied mobile phones.

As this was a large open plan office with two distinct but very different areas removed from each other that had to be covered, Essential Communications Services was tasked to install two separate mobile voice networks. Both mobile voice networks consisted of the same equipment, just located in different areas of the building, separated by some considerable distance & using differing lengths of cable from the Nextivity Cel-Fi G41 units to the RFI DAS Omni-directional Ceiling Antennas.

The building is in what is classed as a very “noisy” RF (radio frequency) area, meaning that it has a lot of different signals crossing over the area around it. This meant that, in considering the type of equipment necessary for this to work to the best of its ability, we supplied, installed & commissioned two RFI Wideband High Gain Mesh Parabolic Antenna – 700-3800MHz atop two Serviceable 3m Galvanized Masts on two different areas of the roof. This antenna offers more bandwidth as well as a stronger connection to the tower with less interference resulting in a much better outcome for the client.

Due to the RFI Wideband High Gain Mesh Parabolic Antenna having 4.3-10 Din connectors, we utilized two Phaseblocker 4.3-10 Male to Female Lightning Arresters that came down via LCU400 Coaxial Cable to two Nextivity Cel-Fi G41 units, mounted in two separate communications & IT rooms.

As both systems had two RFI DAS Omni-directional Ceiling Antennas to be cabled so we installed two RF Signal Splitters near the Cel-Fi G41s to split the signal to the 2 RFI DAS units. From the signal splitters we ran Andrew LDF4-50A Coaxial Cable out to the RFI DAS units to ensure that the best possible signal strength was emitted from the RFI DAS units throughout the areas that they were to cover.

From having very limited to no signal in their office, the client now has full 5 bar coverage throughout the 2 x separate office areas, including internal offices with & without windows & are extremely pleased with the professional outcome.

All equipment for this installation was supplied by the wonderful team at Telco Antennas.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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