About Us

Essential Communications Services offers cost-effective, secure, commercial, and enterprise-grade communication and telecommunications solutions to enable metro, rural, regional, and remote households, agricultural, business, civil, and government to easily and safely connect and communicate.

15m Lattice Tower at remote premises

Essential Communications Services works across a wide variety of industries including but not limited to
Defence                                                                Agriculture
Industrial                                                              Trucking
Finance                                                                 Electricity
Health Care                                                          Child care
Road, Rail, Shipping & Transport                    Adult education
Aviation                                                                 Corporate Business Services
Power                                                                     Banking
Wind & Solar Farms                                           Civil
Hospitality                                                            Government State & Federal

Essential Communications Services is fully licensed, insured, ARCIA accredited, Police Checked, ADF accredited and accredited with the relevant First Aid, WorkSafe, Telecommunication, Industry, State & Federal Government authorities.

We are a leader in the field in supplying, installing, commissioning, maintaining & monitoring secure, high-speed, cost-effective, end-to-end communication and telecommunication solutions.

We are the go-to company for supplying, installing, commissioning, and maintaining secure, high-speed, cost-effective, end-to-end communication and telecommunication network solutions.

We specialize in all forms of communications, telecommunications, telemetry, IoT, Mesh, WiFi, mesh, high-speed point-to-point and point-to-multi-point data, voice & video links & satellite services. We provide these communication solutions throughout Australia for all types of applications for all types of users.

We offer cost-effective, secure, commercial-grade solutions that enable agricultural, metro, rural, regional, and remote homes, civil, business, and governments of all levels to easily, safely and conveniently connect both locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our clients are right across the spectrum including civil, government, health, aged care, education, entertainment, defence, justice, financial institutions, Agriculture, hospitality as well as businesses, homesteads, and residential, regardless of size.

Essential Communications Services are about doing it right the 1st time & strive to work closely with our clients from the 1st point of contact to handover to ensure that they have the very best, most cost return on investment effective solution for their communication & telecommunications needs both for now & for the future.

Essential Communications Services takes the guesswork out by delivering secure, analogue and digital high-speed, proven satellite and wireless network communication & telecommunications solutions. These solutions enable our clients to easily, safely, and conveniently connect, operate and compete both locally, nationally, and internationally.

Essential Communications Services are an accredited supplier to the NSW Government and are partners in the Farms of the Future program being conducted by the NSW DPI

Our solutions include:

Supplying, installing, commissioning, and maintaining Communications, Telecommunications, Telemetry, IoT Data and solutions for Residential, Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Agriculture, Hospitality, and Government in the metro, rural, regional, and remote Australia including:-

Providing communication solutions in Mobile Voice and Mobile Broadband Data Black Spots and challenging areas

  • Communications Towers and Masts of all sizes.
  • Mobile voice telephony and telemetry.
  • High-speed Data Networks.
  • High-speed wireless broadband internet
  • Satellite communication infrastructure including Starlink
  • Commercial secure proven leading edge powerful Wi-Fi.
  • Secure Fixed and wireless point-to-point and point-to-multi-point networks.
  • Voice networks including VoIP (Voice over I.P.) and VoLTE (Voice over LTE) solutions.
  • Video conferencing and surveillance network solutions.
  • Mesh Data Networks (Meshnets) solutions.
  • Two-way radio including HF, VHF, UHF (Analogue & Digital), and satellite solutions.
  • Local and remote Telephone access and interconnect service solutions.
  • All our solutions are fully cloud monitorable by our expert team for an annual fee (POA).
  • Two-way radio including HF, VHF, UHF (Analogue & Digital, secure & open), as well as satellite solutions.
Cambium ePMP Force180 PtP Link
Long Range high capacity WiFi
starlink dish gen2.resized
Cambium e430H WiFi Access Point with Stand

Essential Communications Services are also licensed ROV pilots and are available for all types of drone operations. We are fully licensed and insured and welcome enquiries in regards to video and photography from above.

Our Mission

Essential Communications Services mission is to be a leader in providing proven, secure, innovative, reliable, cost-effective communications, telecommunications, data, video, telemetry, NBIoT, Lowaran and telephony network solutions to enable agriculture, people, business and organizations in metro, rural, regional and remote areas to more effectively communicate, grow and compete locally, nationally and internationally.

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