Western Melbourne Telstra Mobile Voice & 5G Data

Very large warehouses often work as Faraday cages so any type of signal can’t get through the steel and concrete used. This client had need of both mobile voice and mobile data services for their systems to run efficiently. NBN fibre was also available but, although it is a fast network, it wasn’t fast enough to cope with the data transfer needed for this client. Essential Communications Services were tasked by the client to increase their data throughput. Telstra 5G mobile data was available in the area so we built a system for this client that gave them access to the lightning fast speed of the Telstra 5G mobile data service.

Based on previous, very successful, installations, as well as our outstanding industry reputation, our security clearances, our worksafe licences and Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) accreditation’s, Essential Communications Services were the obvious go-to for this large commercial client.

Essential Communications Services were requested to supply, install & commission their Telstra Mobile Voice and Telstra 5G Mobile Data service to this new warehouse that had no usable service. This was so that they could minimize the amount of time the personnel had to leave the area to be able to make and receive telephone calls as well as connect to their internal company VPN to their head office in Brisbane via the Telstra 5G mobile data service.

During our pre-inspection, roof access was not available at that time. We pre-flighted our commercial drone and flew it up above the roof to ascertain the roof profile and roof height, and so as to be able to measure required cabling lengths, as well ensuring line of sight to the tower was available.

Warehouses of this size generally have an access ladder to the roof area but, with the amount and weight of the equipment that is needed to be able to complete an installation of this size and the distance from the access ladder, it was difficult and time consuming to carry it via this method. Therefore, as Essential Communications Services hold the appropriate WorkSafe licenses that enable us be able to legally use boom lifts, we hired both an 80ft (25m) reach knuckle boomfor the outside works and a 45ft (13.5m) reach knuckle boom for the inside works, from our hiring agents Allcott Hire. This way, we were able to get all the equipment to the roof area where we were working safely, as well as reaching the internal roof to bring the cabling safely to the floor.

With boom lifts of this size, it is a WorkSafe requirement that we have both a licensed operator and a spotter/traffic controller. This site had a large movement of trucks, including semi-trailers and B-Doubles, in and around the area in which we were operating throughout the days we were on site.

Due to the machinery noise, voice contact was maintained between the boom operator and our spotter via PttOc (Push to talk Over Cellular).

The equipment mounted on the roof consists of two 3m galvanized tin roof mast with an RFI Technology Solutions Wideband 8-12dBi 3G+4G+4GX LPDA Antenna as well as two Panorama 4×4 MIMO 3G, 4G & 5G Directional Panel Antennas. The LPDA antenna is connected directly to @Cel-Fi by Nextivity Cel-Fi G41 Stationary Telstra mobile voice repeater via a single run of Telco Antennas Super Low Loss LCU400 Cable Assembly with a Phaseblocker N Male to Female Lightning Arrester – up to 6GHz. The two Panorama 4×4 MIMO 3G, 4G & 5G Directional Panel Antennas with 8 x Phaseblocker N Male to Female Lightning Arresters – up to 6GHz are connected to a Peplink BRI Pro 5G Router and the client’s CISCO MPLS server. As these antennas are a 4×4 configuration this meant that 8 lengths of Telco Antennas LDF4-50A Cable Assemblies were dropped through the roof sheeting down to the client’s I.T. room.

The Cel-Fi by Nextivity Cel-FI G41 Telstra mobile voice repeater was connected to two RFI Technology Solutions DAS Omni Directional Ceiling mount antenna to distribute the mobile voice signal into the office and also into a the dispatch section of the factory.

The client was extremely happy with the finished result. Now the personnel are able to make and receive mobile phone calls and access mobile data as well as connect via their company VPN to their head office without having to leave the workspace.

As usual, a big thanks to our ever reliable professional communications infrastructure provider Telco Antennas for the supply of the above communications infrastructure whom without these successful communications infrastructure projects would not be possible.

As a CASA licensed, certified and insured Drone operator, we are able to deploy our drone anywhere at any time, pending all safety requirements are met, for any type of aerial inspections of buildings, towers and other communications infrastructure.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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