Barnawartha 4GX Mobile Broadband

Traveling to this beautiful regional area is no hardship. Unfortunately, for us at Essential Communications Services, we rarely get time to enjoy the surroundings as the installation comes first. This installation was for a major client at their new warehouse just south of Wodonga.

As this was a still-under-construction warehouse, we had the opportunity to fit the infrastructure before the internal office walls were constructed which made the installation slightly easier. It was still a challenge as the roofline was approximately 10m high.

On site, we had access to both a scissor lift and knuckle reach boom to assist with the installation which greatly helped. As this was an industrial building and the roof profile was Kliplock, we utilized the wide set Kliplock brackets to attach slotted channel to the roof profile rather than drill holes into the roof to attach the antenna bracket to. With this setup, we can place the mast in the best possible place to access the incoming signal, rather than having to rely on the existing screw points as on a typical tin roof.

Once the best position was established, we erected the 3m serviceable mast. Atop the mast, we installed a Panorama 4×4 MiMo Panel Antenna (for future 5G service). For equipment protection, considering this mast and antenna are on top of a very large building, we installed 4 x Phaseblocker Inline Lightning protection adaptors. We then ran 4 x 25 meter LDF4-50A Coaxial cables through the roof and down to the access point to the comms room.

Once we had the cabling installed it was a matter of following the installed duct through to the ceiling of the comms room and then fitting off to the client’s modem.

Due to being a very large industrial building and the fact that most of the cabling installation was done at the top of the reach of the boom lift we had on-site, it took just over 18 hours to complete the installation. Working with LDF4-50A cable, no matter the length is complicated due to the sheer diameter of the cable, it doesn’t bend well.


Essential Communications Services was able to give the client the connectivity that they need to be able to run their large office and warehouse and they are pleased with the result.

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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