Lancefield District Starlink & PtP Link

Things change very quickly in the IT space. From dial up modems in the early 1990’s through to LEO satellites now, it realistically, has been a very short amount of time.
This existing client had Skymuster satellite, but due to the changing needs of the family, they moved across to Starlink. With the growing family they also needed to get internet service out to two separate outbuildings so, along with the Starlink install, we installed two Cambium Networks Force 180 Point to Point links, one to the guest cottage and one to the gazebo.
To distribute the internet signal through both buildings we installed a Cambium Networks cnPilot e430H on a Desktop Stand and a Cambium Networks cnPilot e410 attached to a roof rafter.
We had previously installed a Telstra Mobile Voice Nextivity Cel-Fi unit to this client’s premises.
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