Shepparton District Mobile Broadband

Another rural (Dual) Telstra & Optus mobile broadband network.

The back story to this installation is that this is a very small regional town in Victoria where the NBN fixed wireless tower does not reach our client & they were about to loose their ADSL ports, NBN’s solution was to put them on Sky Muster, NOT an option for our client & so they called in the Regional, Rural & Remote Communications & Telecommunications Specialist Essential Communication Services

The scope of works called for 2 x separate systems to have a capacity to operate at a speed of at least 50Mbps in each direction with a secure VPN & for both routers to have static public IPV4 I.P. address both for Telstra & for Optus with the ability to remote control the network & have the capacity to fail over to Optus in the unlikely event of a Telstra mobile broadband outage as their business is mission critical and must have data 24/7/365 and thus we supplied 2 x totally separate systems.

The 1st dedicated system is to run their server and provide 24/7/365 data.

The 2nd dedicated service is to provide data for their VoIP service with 25 handsets along with all the bells and whistles that go with that

This was a very high building so we had to truck a large boom lift from several hundred km’s elsewhere in regional Victoria to site to allow us safe access to the roof of this building

With the incredible help of our very dedicated supplier Telco Antennas We are pleased to say mission accomplished for our client.

This “main” system consists of.

1 x Heavy duty 3M Galvanised Roof Mounted Hinged Mast – 3m

3M’s of heavy duty unistrut bolted into the roofing frame

2 x Telco Antennas XPOL MIMO 3G+4G+4GX Panel Antenna – 700-2700 MHz

4 x Phaseblocker N Male to Female Lightning Arrester – up to 6GHz

4 x LCU400 10m Coaxial Cable – N Male to FME Female.

4 x LCU195 3m Coaxial Cables

2 x Comset (CM510Q-W) Dual SIM Dual Band 4-Port Gigabit Routers

( Soon to be changed over to 2 x Teltonika RUT950 Industrial 3G+4G+4GX Modem Routers)

If you have a communications & telecommunications infrastructure challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with Essential Communications Services, it would be our pleasure to be of assistance to you anywhere in Australia.

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