Gold Coast Roadworks Telstra 5G

Essential Communications Services go wherever the client needs us to. This particular installation was for an existing Civil Engineering client that, even though this site was within a major city, still had communications issues that we needed to fix.

Due to their make-up, portable office spaces are a basic Faraday Cage in that they are a plain steel box on stilts. This means that signal just doesn’t go through.

With this site, as they were in a major traffic corridor to the city, Telstra 5G services were available, with a little bit of tweeking. A Panorama 4×4 4GX/5G MiMo antenna was mounted atop a Telco 5m Galvanized Serviceable Mast that was ground mounted and secured to the side of the site office. Four (4) Inline Phaseblockers were attached to the antenna leads and then four lengths of 10m LCU400 Coaxial Cable (N Male to SMA Male) was used to bring the signal through underneath the site office to four (4) 3m LCU195 Coaxial Cable (SMA Female to SMA Male).

These cables were then connected to the client’s existing Cradle Point modem which lead to impressive speed test results of 335 down and 50.1 up.

All in all another perfect result for the client and Essential Communications Services.

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