15 metre Aluminium Lattice Serviceable Guyed Tower


(210mm Faced) Includes Stabilizing Torque Mount

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Key Features

  • Engineer certified to support dish antennas up to 900mm in diameter in 100km/h winds
  • Modular design can reach heights up to 21m and be couriered directly to your location like a standard package
  • Custom swivel baseplate allows the mast to be installed on a wide range of roof angles/pitches and the entire mast can be lowered down to the roof level
  • Design facilitates easy access to the headload and makes performing maintenance or adjustments a simple procedure
  • Regular production runs ensure we have a large number of sections in stock and can supply components quickly.


  • This mast is designed to be modular and easily adapted to suit applications in regards to height.


  • Aluminium fabrication in accordance to AS1664
  • Aluminium welding in accordance to AS1665
  • 7/16″ Zinc or Stainless Steel bolts in accordance to ISO 3506 U.N.O.
  • Guy cables in accordance to AS3569, Class 7×19 Grade 2070
  • Guy wire preload tension to 1.0 kN
  • Cable joins and attachments in accordance to AS2579
  • Structure classification per AS3995 is Type II

Engineer approved recommendation

  • Due to the complicated nature of tower infrastructure, an engineer approved recommendation can prove invaluable for solutions that will accommodate your particular project.
  • We offer a Tower Recommendation Proposal Consultation Service, providing a detailed report that you can use for the planning of communication assets.

Please contact us for:

  • maximum dish size, heights and bracing information for your application
  • orders of multiple towers, trade pricing and lead times, and to discuss customisation of mast for a specific project.


tower configuration plan

Weight 115 kg
Dimensions 3125 × 1100 × 80 cm
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