RFI Wide-band MIMO 3G, 4G & 5G Panel Antenna


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Key Features

  • Ultra wide-band coverage 700 to 3800MHz
  • Wall Mount or Pole Mount
  • Your choice of cable length and connectors (SMA or N-type)
  • Two cables for true 2×2 MIMO operation
  • Wide spectrum design, suits all current 3G & 4G cellular networks

Additional Information

The brilliance of this antenna is its wideband design – operating on three separate bands 698-960MHz, 1710-2700MHz, and 3400-3800MHz. The antenna enclosure effectively looks the same as the second generation “V2” but has been completely redesigned on the inside. Making use of Artificial Magnetic Conductors (AMC) and new registered/patent pending radiator configuration, which is proving to yield exceptional improvements in bandwidth and gain. This is one of the few antennas on the market capable of covering all current 3G, 4G & future 5G Mobile Networks utilised in Australia.


Not sure if you’ll get 5G? With an equally high gain on all other 4G networks, you can still improve your current connection. Take full advantage of the blistering fast 4G network it won’t matter whether you are with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone’s or one of their resellers. If you’re outside the official 5G ‘coverage zone’ or your modem keeps switching back over to 4G, this antenna will help you lock on, or increase the signal strength and speed of your 4G connection. Ideal for suburban and metro areas. Antennas like this that offer a Wide Beamwidth are ideal for areas where hills and buildings are very close to your location. This antenna rests at ground potential, providing improved lightning protection and reduced precipitation static noise. Termination is via your choice of ‘N’ female coaxial connectors fitted to short cable tails, or SMA male connectors fitted to 10m LMR195 cables.

If you are connecting to the higher bands within the 4G offering we strongly suggest selecting the 500mm N Female option and using LCU400 extension cables due to the high attenuation losses suffered on higher frequencies.

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