Starlink Gen3 (V4) Mounting Kit – Tin Roof


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These Starlink mount kit’s are specifically designed for tin roofs, including corrugated iron, and to allow the Starlink Dish to tightly clip into the top of the mast in its designed form, meaning no modifications or drilling into the dish is required and warranty is maintained.

The designs also consider the 50 Degree shut off temperature, keeping the dish away from the radiating heate generated by the roof during our Australian summers as well as maximising air flow.

Simply erect the tripod mount then attach the Gen 3 Starlink Terminal to the Gen 3 Adapter and place on the pole.

Face it to the South South West (Australia) and fine tune using the Starlink App if required.

Once in position, tighten the single grub screw included in the kit.

The 1.5 metre version of the Starlink mount is designed for extra clearance of obstructions and allows space under the dish to mount a secan antenna for Mobile Broadband Failover, local WiFi links or even terrestrial TV.

These mounts are made locally in Australia and support Australian jobs.

Pole Length

1m, 1.5m, 2m

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