12V DC UPS Battery Backup Power Supply


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A complete 12V DC power supply and UPS battery backup in one compact enclosure. When operating from 240V, it automatically charges the internal battery and powers the connected load (max 5A). When mains fails, the load switches and is powered from the battery. Recommended battery is 7.2Ah 12V. Features output short circuit protection, output current limiting and over voltage protection. Separate battery charging circuit with fast changeover and standby battery low voltage cutoff (10V). Screw terminal connections. Ideal for alarm backup use. Indoor use only. IEC power lead included.

Note: Unit will power up upon power and battery connection. If a short circuit occurs, the unit will automatically restart when the short condition is removed/fixed.


  • Output short-circuit protection (Auto reset when short circuit is removed)
  • Output current-limiting and over-voltage protection
  • Separate standby battery circuit with fast changeover
  • Standby battery voltage shutdown below 10.8V DC
  • 12v 7.2Ah Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Gel Battery 4.8mm/F1
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