Cel-Fi GO G41 Repeater Kit for Urban Areas – Telstra or Optus or Vodafone / TPG Networks


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Key Features

  • Complete package with an Externally Mounted Donor Antenna, Cabling, Cel-Fi Go Repeater & a Ceiling Mounted Distribution Antenna
  • Compatible with Telstra, Optus or Vodafone – the Go will allow you to select which one upon Registration
  • Switch between the Cellular Bands via the Wave App
  • Supports all frequency bands for Telstra & Optus
  • Vodafone-TPG is all supported except Band 28
  • Two-band simultaneous relay – Up to 40MHz

The Cel-Fi Go Repeater is a convenient solution for those experiencing poor phone coverage within the Home or Office.

Installing this device in your home can improve the reliability of phone calls, and text messages, and increase 3G & 4G services.

This is a complete repeater system designed to provide indoor coverage

The wideband Omni Directional Antenna is ideal for urban areas where there is signal available outdoors but it is poor indoors, typically there are a few Towers located within 10km from your location.

The Omni Antenna is connected to the repeater via a run of super low loss ultra-flexible LCU400 cable with an SMA fitting, which allows the cable to connect to the Cel-Fi Go’s input connector directly.

The Cel-Fi will need to be located near a Power Source, as a standard 240v Plug supplies its power.

The Cel-Fi Repeater is then connected to another run of the LCU400 which is run out to the location where you wish to install the Ceiling Mounted Antenna.

We offer two types of Distribution Antenna, either a Ceiling Mounted Omni Directional Antenna or a Wall Mounted Directional Panel Antenna.

With the Ceiling Mounted Antenna, the Repeater provides enough boost to create a 10-30m radius of coverage within normal home or office environments, with up to an impressive 50m radius in open areas such as supermarkets or farms.

With the Wall Mounted Panel Antenna, the Repeater provides enough boost to create a 100° arc of Coverage out over 20-60m, with some customers reporting signals out past the 100m mark.

Like all wireless systems, the coverage area is reduced by the signal traveling through thick walls or floors, so the actual coverage area will vary depending on your unique situation.

Please note: This Kit does not include a mounting Pole/Mast, this will need to be purchased separately if you don’t already have one.

Similar kits

  • We also provide similar kits for hilly, regional, and remote areas experiencing poor coverage.

Professional installation required – Buildings

  • This is an active radio transmitter that requires the appropriate level of theoretical knowledge to install without causing self-interference and for it to operate at full strength. So whilst it’s possible to self-install, we do not provide the Cel-Fi GO in a package or kit form, as every installation will be different.
Length of Cable from the External Antenna to the Cel-Fi

5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 40m

Choose your Distribution Antenna

Ceiling Mounted Omni Directional Antenna, Wall Mounted Directional Antenna

Length of Cable from the Cel-fi to the Distribution Antenna

1.5m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m


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