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Cel-Fi Roam R41 Mobile Smart Signal Booster for Telstra, Optus or Vodafone


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Key Features

Switchable between the Carriers

3G / 4G and 5G Support

5G Upgrades Down the Track – This unit does not support current 5G N78 Services

Supports 1 Frequency Band at a Time:

LTE B28, LTE/ 3G/LTE B5, LTE/3G B8, LTE B3,  LTE B1 & LTE B7 

Frequencies: 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 900MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100MHz, 2600MHz

Automatically selects the overall best frequency

Professional Features: Manual Frequency Selection

Controller App: CelFi WAVE App (Required to register the booster with ACMA)



Suitable for Cars, Trucks, Mining, Marine, RVs etc

Integrated SMA Female Connectors for Donor & Distribution Antennas

Inline amplifier – Extended Range Compared to the original Cel Fi Go

Improved Antenna Isolation

Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android and computers


The CEL-FI ROAM R41 mobile cellular coverage solution delivers reliable 3G, 4G, and 5G connectivity inside vehicles and boats.

The ROAM R41 supports multiple network operators, making it compatible with various carriers, and ensuring broader coverage and flexibility.

With the latest Nextivity propriety IntelliBoost chip, ROAM R41 offers enterprise-grade performance to solve poor coverage andenable dependable calling, texting, and streaming on the move.

The R41’s uplink Power has increased from the original G31 offering up to 60% better perofrmance with 22-24dBm, up from 20-22dBm for the G31.

Future Upgrades to the R41 will allow it to connect and repeat 5G NSA Frequencies.

The R41 also offers better isolation from the Donor and Distribution Antennas with improved echo cancellation over the G31, allowing the two Antennas to be placed closer together during the Installation.

The system features plug-and-play operation for quick and easy set up, improving connectivity in any car, truck, RV, or boat within minutes. ROAM R41 also supports carrier switching through the Nextivity WAVE App for iOS and Android devices


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