Galvanised Clamp Stand Off Mount – 50mm


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Key Features

  • Tower Stand Off Mount
  • For masts 40-110mm in diameter
  • Length 800mm.


  • Suitable for almost any small to large diameter masts, this stand off bar can support a substantial load and may be used for all types of antennas
  • Mounting this bracket is as simple as as tightening bolts, mounting antenna and walking away
  • Using the wrong clamp can lead to a range of issues, the most simple of which is antenna misalignment due to a slipping clamp. In extreme cases, the boom of the antenna can break due to increased stresses induced by the constant antenna vibration on a localised point from an inappropriate clamp
  • Selecting the correct antenna mount will ensure your antenna maintains its position for many years to come.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Construction: Galvanised steel components
  • Boom Diameter: 40-110mm diameter
  • Mast Diameter: 40-110mm diameter

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 35 × 30 cm
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