Peplink B One


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Impressive Capability with Incredible Value

Taking the best parts of the beloved Surf SOHO & Balance 20 and putting them into one capable device.

Easy Integration with Starlink
  • Bond multiple Starlink connections together
  • Load Balance your Starlink service using the Peplink B-One Bonding Router with other internet services (5G/LTE, Cable, Fibre, FWA)
  • Optimize your network with additional features requested specifically by Starlink
Made for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)
  • Designed for use with MSP 5G/LTE Gateway devices
    • Bond various FWA together
    • Load Balance different internet sources (Cable, Fiber, 5G/LTE)
  • Tether your phone with Wi-Fi WAN or USB
Long Term Support
  • Firmware is constantly updated to patch vulnerabilities and improve performance
  • Future-proof your network as Peplink never ends support for older devices
A Game Changer with Peplink App
  • With a valid PrimeCare subscription, take advantage of all of SpeedFusion features without the need for an advance network setup
  • Easy to set up and use with our Companion App

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