RFI Town & Country Pack: CDQ8199 8.5dBi + CDQ8194 5.5dBi Whip


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Key Features

  • This is the perfect Antenna setup for the Traveller, featuring a High Gain 8.5dBi Antenna for the remote areas and the Mid Gain 5.5dBi whip for the more hilly regions
  • Ideal for all new 4G & 5G networks with true multi-band coverage
  • Patented PCB based Meander™ collinear design offering the ultimate in pattern and gain stability
  • Q-Fit® removable whip system for ease of removal in low height environments such as multi-story car parks, car washes or for security purposes
  • Supplied with 5m low loss coaxial cable, with an SMA Male connector.

CDQ8199 Features

  • As a rule of thumb: the higher the dBi, the flatter the angle the antenna can receive signal
  • With a significantly higher gain than the CDQ8194 and CDQ8195, the CDQ7199 is the best performing antenna in flat outback and rural areas, where cell towers are few and far between
  • The CDQ8100 series is designed with our Q-Fit® system for quick and simple removal of the whip section – this allows users to remove the whip section when entering car washes, low height areas such as car parks and for security
  • The antenna is provided with a waterproof sealing cap to prevent the ingress of dust and water when the whip section is removed
  • With a 16mm stud mount on an heavy duty electropolished stainless steel spring, these antennas may be installed on a number of mounting brackets and are ideal for installations in commercial vehicles, four wheel drives and trucks
  • The CDQ8199’s fully ground-independent design results in true 8.5dBi gain regardless of mounting position.

CDQ8194 Features

  • In hilly areas, cell towers are usually located at the peak of the hill, and if you’ve got a very high gain antenna (like 9dBi) chances are the antenna won’t have a tall enough angle to receive from the tower
  • The CDQ8194’s 5dBi gain is perfect for those in the southern states or anyone planning on travelling through hilly ranges
  • “Q-Fit™ removable whip system for fast and simple removal when entering low height areas, car washes or for antenna security.” – read more on the RFI website


  • This antenna has a 5m cable that terminates with an SMA Male connector

Please contact us If you’d like a shorter length of cable, or a different connector and we will customise this antenna for you.

A heads up!

  • This product is over 2m in length and must be sent by specialist freight companies
  • Understandably a 2m long cardboard tube can be easily damaged, so this product is shipped in a custom made PVC enclosure
  • Due to the costs incurred, shipping of this item is expensive, irrespective of whether we’re shipping it to Sydney metro, or to Canada.
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 210 cm


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