ZCG Scalar 6.6dBi UHF CB Elevated Feed Antenna


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Key Features

  • Full UHF 477MHz 80 channel radio band
  • 100% Australian made.


  • This is your typical UHF antenna that you’ll often find pre-installed on many commercial and fleet vehicles
  • The ZN4-77-06 ground independent elevated feed mobile UHF CB antenna is a light design with fibreglass whip which delivers excellent performance with it’s 6.6dBi gain
  • The detachable fibreglass top whip can be removed for storage or to thread on smaller whips when entering low clearance areas
  • Standing 95 cm tall and suitable for all Uniden, GME, Icom and Vertex UHF CB radios, the antenna mounts simply into any bracket with minimum 13mm (½”) diameter hole.


  • The high quality electro-polished stainless steel barrel spring dampens vibrations while travelling
  • 4.5 metres of RG58 low loss stranded cable bottom exits through the mounting base
  • An FME Female connector is fitted to the cable for easy routing through and an FME Male to UHF Male adapter is also supplied to make connection to your UHF CB radio simple
  • To install, simply secure the antenna firmly into any bracket with a 13mm (½”) minimum diameter hole using the bolt and washer provided
  • The best mounting position for this antenna is on your vehicle’s overhead roof bar, door sill, boot or bonnet; although many other mounting options are available with our extensive range of vehicle brackets.


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