Peplink HD1 Dome Pro 5G

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5G Cellular Router for outdoor deployments

A refinement in outdoor interconnectivity

The HD1 Dome Pro adapts to the flexible nature of outdoor deployments, offering powerful speeds, with refined Wi-Fi options. The 5G modem, with its embedded cellular antennas, ensures minimal cable loss and offers the finest signal quality.

Wi-Fi as WAN + Wi-Fi 6

The Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi as WAN support can optimize your network and provide versatility as and when required. Leverage bandwidth costs and easily expand your network. Experience no more interruptions with SpeedFusion’s hot failover options.

A design that’s made to meet your needs

It’s simple design offers a multitude of installation options. The HD1 Dome Pro includes an M35 screw mount and Ethernet splitter, making it easy for wall or pole mount. If mounting is not needed, simply connect an Ethernet cable and it’s good to go.

Together it works

The HD1 Dome Pro can optimize network performance with its PoE functionality. Leverage the power of SpeedFusion by simply connecting Peplink PoE routers, for a mega-bandwidth channel, with the simplest failover option. Or alternatively, extend the Wi-Fi range by connecting an external access point.

Instant flexibility with the SIM injector

Simply connect an Ethernet cable between the SIM injector^ and the HD1 Dome Pro to manage up to 10 physical SIMs.

With remote network management available via Peplink’s cloud-based management system, InControl2, accessibility worries are a thing of the past.

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